WCA Board Minutes May 2011

May 10, 2011 at 7:00 PM

I Call to Order
Chair: Dan Ryan   Acting Secretary:  Mary Gibbs
Introductions, Report excused absences  Board members Dan Ryan, KC Elander, Dayna Wittman, Wendy Sotolongo and JonHeim and managers Ruth Bowman and Mary Gibbs were present.  Guests present were neighbor, Scott Carter and Rantos Landscaping owner, Ben Torian.
II Review March and April Minutes March minutes were approved via email, the board will review the April Minutes prior to the June meeting.
III  Adjustments to Agenda Announcements – KC, Ruth, Dan and Mary were all granted additions to the agenda.·
Chairman’s comments  – Dan Ryan volunteered to act as chair until
the officer elections are held later in the meeting.

IV  Public Comment   – There were no public comments at the meeting.
V  Financials  – March and April Statement review  – The board reviewed the last two month’s of financial reports, since last month was our annual meeting and no board discussions were held.  The March profit and loss statement shows Woodcroft exceeding budgeted monthly income largely due to the residential dues collections.  One hundred percent of dues collections are budgeted for January when actually some residents are late in their payments resulting in these dues being collected in latter months. Expenses
were over budget in two areas, administrative and property expense.  Taxes were paid in March causing a spike in accounting fees and pine straw for the common area was purchased.  Net income for the month of March still exceeded budget by $2900.
In April, actual income exceeded budget for the month and also year to date.  Actual  total expenses were less than budgeted resulting in Woodcroft exceeding budgeted income year to date by $16,981.34.
VI   Old Business
A. Resident Issues No old business resident issues were reviewed.
B. Community Issues
Matching grant for fitness trail update – Jon reported that the circuit chosen when this project began has increased in price several thousand dollars. Since the Durham
county grant amount is fixed based on the original cost, the board wishes to obtain
some competitive quotes.  Jon will attempt to locate two additional venders and forward price information on similar circuits to the board for review. Once ordered, the equipment takes a few weeks to arrive and about a week to install.  Informational letters have gone out to neighbors around the area of installation. The office has not received any questions in response to the letters.
Tower brick repair update and discussion – The missing bricks on the tower have been replaced and the mortar crack repaired. The board reviewed the additional
recommendations submitted by the brick mason.  He quoted a price on sealing the cinderblock interior wall and covering the
top joint between the exterior brick and interior block to prevent water
However, he suggested that there is also the possibility that the damage was caused by the ground settling around the tower. Considering the cost that significant tower repairs would have for the association, the board indicated that it wants to
investigate the situation more fully. Dayna and Jon will  inspect the tower interior this weekend and make a recommendation regarding whether a professional engineer should be contracted to make specific recommendations regarding repairs and/or preventative maintenance.
Tower Irrigation Plans – The board discussed the landscaping around the tower.  Much of the grass sown by the city was Rye grass and is already dying out.  In addition there are four dead Crepe Myrtles and eight dying Holly bushes.  The board agreed that further
irrigation discussions should be deferred until after the landscaping and tower
repair issues are resolved.  The question was raised regarding whether the current plantings around the tower were as per the plan Todd Parrott designed for the city years ago.  Todd will be contacted about this and also about his price to provide a sprinkler and lighting design for this area.  If the current landscape plan is not his, he will be asked to  comment on the current plantings that were chosen by the City.  Todd’s responses will be communicated via email to the board.   Don Stewart, the city’s project manager for
the Third Fork Creek trail, will be contacted about issuing Woodcroft a check to replace the dead plants and also to cover the expense of sewing grass in this area.  Ben will provide an estimate on preparing the ground and replanting the grass.

Pine straw event results and future plan - This agenda item was tabled until next month.
Trail Repair, Next Steps – The engineer hired to consult on this project responded to a number of questions posed by the board about his specifications.  Mary will draft an email to him requesting updated specifications including his latest clarifications,
so that we can distribute the request for quote again. The board will approve the email prior to sending.  All of the original contractors will be given the opportunity to rebid as well as one additional contractor recommended by the engineer.

Cell Phone Tower Update – The board discussed the history and progression of this project.  Phil Blizzard, owner of the property, originally applied to the architectural review board for approval of the project.  While the ARB was not in a position to approve or deny the cell phone tower itself (as this is a matter for regulatory zoning and approval), the ARB did make requests regarding screening of the tower base. The board requested copies of this application for review. Dan also requested a copy be sent to the HOA manager of Homeplace Townhomes III.
C.   Board Issues·
Office lease options –  The office and community room lease expired at the end of April. In
discussing the best long term solutions for the association, the board revisited the idea of eventually buying space. The office building approved for construction on the corner of Woodcroft Parkway and Fortunes Ridge Drive is still a possibility.  This project is
on hold until the required number of presales are obtained. To allow for additional time for the board to fully develop a proposal (and corresponding cost/benefit analysis) to purchase property, Dan proposed the board renew the lease for the current space for two years at  the current rental rate, if the owner will agree to paint the community room and install new commercial grade flooring.  The landlord will be contacted with this
offer and his response will be communicated to the board.
ARB Meetings – Board member assignments were made. Wendy volunteered to attend the May meeting.  Dan requested that  an email request be sent to the board for attendance at the June through November meetings so everyone can check their calendars before committing to a date.
VII   New Business
A. Resident Issues
The board discussed how to handle a neighbor on a payment plan who presented an NSF check.
Community Issues Resident concerned about possible
multi-family presence in WCA residence zoned for single family –  The
board discussed the legality of alleged multiple families living in a single
family home in Woodcroft.  Wendy volunteered to research this issue. Mary will send Wendy the addresses of the homes in question.
C. Board Issues·  Election of Officers – The following board members were nominated for offices and unanimously elected: Dan Ryan, President,  Dayna Wittman, Treasurer and KC Elander, secretary.
New Board Photo- tabled until next month·
Audit of WCA financials -  The WCA Board discussed the boards fiduciary responsibility to the community association, andunanimously agreed that a full audit of the associations financial records should be undertaken. The board also agreed that future audits should be undertaken at intervals commensurate with normal accounting practices. Mary will research the HOA industry standard for conducting audits and communicate her findings to the board. Wendy volunteered to research next steps for undertaking an audit, and will also report back to the board.·
WCA board Starting times – The board agreed that in the future  they would like to begin
meeting  at 7 PM rather than 7:30 PM.  This change will be announced to the
Yahoo group and posted on the web site.

2011 replanting plan – The board briefly discussed the need to undertake a long term lanting rejuvenation effort along the length of Woodcroft Parkway. In depth discussion of this  topic was tabled for the June board meeting.·
WCA representation on the Durham Inter-Neighborhood Council – Scott Carter, current vice president of the INC, agreed to be the official liaison between the Woodcroft board and the INC.  He will be communicating to the board topics discussed at the INC
meetings that are important to Woodcroft. The board, in turn, will communicate
items of particular interest to WCA residents either through future board minutes or through the WCA listserve emails.
Mailbox system  – The board began a discussion about our current level of involvement in scheduling and collecting payment for mailbox repairs and replacements.  The board agreed to further evaluate the current process next month.
Representation on PAC3  - The possibility of having a Woodcroft representative or committee of
representatives who would attend these meetings and relay information to the
board was discussed. The board agreed on the importance of this and will explore
further at a future meeting.
D    Inter-Neighborhood Council Report Scott Carter reported on the April INC meeting during which the council reiterated their past support for Durham’s current regulations regarding billboards.  There was also discussion of other bills currently being presented to NC lawmakers which  include a licensure requirement for HOA managers, two more which would limit an HOA’s ability to foreclose or place a lien against a homeowner for unpaid dues, and a comprehensive bill requiring and specifying how HOAs perform certain functions. The INC will continue to monitor and report on the progress of these bills.
VIIl       Other Business
KC reported on an article in the Woodcroft Gazette in which Woodcroft neighbors expressed a desire to be better informed.  KC suggested that the Gazette
be contacted and asked to write an article on our existing Yahoo group, the
importance and value of it and how to join.  The board agreed with this suggestion.
KC, Dan and Dayna volunteered to be interviewed for the article.  Mary will contact the Gazette about this.
Lenovo has sent a new lap top to replace the one purchased last year.·
A seemingly healthy tree located in the common area which is leaning over a neighbor’s fence was discussed.  The board authorized hiring an arborist to evaluate the tree and present Woodcroft with a written recommendation regarding whether the tree poses a reasonable and foreseeable hazard (and should be removed).
IX         Adjourn The board meeting was adjourned at 10:07 PM.

Upcoming Meeting Dates and Submission Deadlines:
ARB     Submission Deadline, 9 AM      Meeting Date, 7:30 PM
05/31/2011                                      06/21/2011
07/05/2011                                      07/19/2011
08/02/2011                                      08/16/2011
WCA    Submission Deadline, 9 AM      Meeting Date 7:30 PM
06/05/2011                                        06/14/2011
07/04/2011                                        07/12/2011
08/01/2011                                       08/09/2011

Results of March ARB Meeting
102 winterberry   deck approved as submitted
11 Fox Chase Lane  ext. paint, blue door color approved, green shutter color not approved

Results of April ARB Meeting
10 Falling Water Dr landscaping and tree removal  (5 projects)  approved as submitted
5 Silverton Court tree removal   approved as submitted
9 Chestnut Bluffs Lane  sunroom  approved as submitted
22 W. Bridlewood Trail   gravel sidewalk & erosion control measures   approved as submitted
6 Mine Bluff Court enlarge and rebuild deck  approved as submitted
8 Mine Bluff Ct. solar panels  approved as submitted
12  Greystone Ct. rebuild and enlarge deck  approved as submitted
17 Swallows Ridge  new roof  approved as submitted
602 Cross Timbers Drive  vinyl siding  approved with conditions
217 Winterberry Ridge tree removal   approved with conditions

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