Please login to our private resident portal to access the following documents which contain the complete details of the by-laws, covenants, and resident rights of the Woodcroft Community Association (WCA). A list summarizing the most questioned covenants and policies follows. Feel free to contact the WCA office with any questions.

  1. Woodcroft Community Association By-Laws
  2. Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions of the Woodcroft Community Association and the Woodcroft Company
  3. Declaration of Rights, Restrictions and Affirmative Obligations and Conditions
  4. Woodcroft Community Association Collection Policy


Summary of WCA Covenants and Major Policies

Bike Paths / Jogging Trails

Woodcroft has a network of trails that may be used for biking, walking, or jogging. Trail users should be careful and considerate of others.


Mopeds / Motorcycles / Dirt Bikes

No mopeds, motorcycles or dirt bikes are allowed on WCA trails or common areas.



Signs are not permitted on the Parkway, street corners or common areas. A single signmay be located on your property. Signs are to be removed immediately after the function or sale of your home.


Signs, Real Estate

Only one real estate sign is permitted on each piece of property for sale. It must be displayed on the front center of the property, and never on a tree.


Parking on Streets

Residents are encouraged to park their vehicles off the street in their driveways. Never block a neighbor’s driveway or mailbox and make sure there is always enough room for emergency vehicles, including fire trucks to pass.


Leash Law

There is a leash law for all domestic animals in Durham County. Domestic animals may not run free except on owner’s lot. Durham County Animal Control: 560-0630 is in charge of enforcing this law.


Disposal of Garbage and Trash

Household garbage in roll-out carts, recycling materials, and yard waste carts provided by the City of Durham will be picked up by the Sanitation Dept. at the curb side once a week. Residents arranging for collection of leaves, grass clippings can place the materials in their yard waste roll-out carts, or use other permanent containers of 32 gallons or less, or use biodegradable paper bags and may be placed at curb side on the day of the scheduled trash pick-up. Please do not place your cart on the street until the evening before or the morning of your scheduled pick up day. After your trash or yard waste has been picked up, return carts promptly to an area not visible from the street. If you have any questions regarding garbage pick-up, ordering yard waste carts, recycling bins etc. you may call the city at 560-1200


Residential Burning

Because of the constant threat of fire, the WCA strongly discourages the burning of leaves in Woodcroft. The City will pick up properly contained leaves on the day of your scheduled trash pick-up.


Dead Tree Policy

The WCA will remove dead trees from WCA common areas only if trees pose a personal safety hazard or endanger the property of residents. If you believe that such a condition exists, please contact the WCA office. In cases where it is determined that no threat exists, in keeping with the overall Woodcroft environmental policies, nature will be left to take its course.


Tree Removal

No live trees measuring more than six inches in diameter at a point two feet above the ground may be removed without the approval of the Architectural Review Board. Approval for the removal of dead or diseased trees, or trees located within ten ft. of the main dwelling or accessory building is not necessary. However, we encourage you to document the condition and/or location of the affected tree prior to its removal, either by photograph or arborist certification.



All fences in Woodcroft must first be approved in writing by the Architectural Review Board (ARB). Application forms and procedures for applying may be obtained at the WCA office or here on the ARB page of this website. New residents are encouraged to contact the office prior to making repairs to an existing fence in order to confirm compliance with ARB guidelines.


Additions, Exterior Changes

All additions or modifications to the exterior of any residential property, including major landscaping plans must first be approved in writing by the Architectural Review Board. Application forms and procedures for applying may be obtained at the WCA office or here on the ARB page of this website.


Maintenance of Yards

Each single family property owner is expected to maintain their yard in neat and attractive condition in order to preserve the property value of all adjacent homes.



All mailboxes in Woodcroft must meet the standard “Uniform Mailbox Regulations” criteria. Mailboxes can be ordered through the WCA at a cost of $300.  See the Mailbox Replacement page for more information.


Tree Houses and Forts

Open space and easements are not to be used for forts or tree houses; nor will such structures be approved for construction on private property.


Boat / Camper Storage

Boats, campers, trailers, RV’s, etc., may not be stored on residential property unless totally screened from view. The WCA maintains a locked storage area behind the tennis courts as a convenience for non-commercial use by Woodcroft residents. Space, however, is very limited. Rental fees are currently $150/year. Application forms are available at the WCA office.


Use of Dwelling as Office

All lots in residential areas must be used exclusively for residential purposes. The use of a portion of the dwelling on a lot as an office by the owner or tenant thereof shall only be considered a residential use if such use does not create objectionable customer or client traffic to and from the home. This restriction applies equally to those residents who use their homes from which to sell merchandise.



No hunting on Woodcroft property is allowed.