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The Trails Committee was created by the Woodcroft Board of Directors in October of 2017. The purpose was to assist CAS in monitoring the condition of the trails. The committee consists of 8-10 volunteer residents who are willing to donate some of their leisure time to inspect the trails from time-to-time.


The committee divided the trails into five (5) segments (See attached map):

Segment 1 – Winterberry Ridge, Power Line West, Woodcroft Parkway West

Segment 2 – Highgate Loop

Segment 3 – Power Line East & Westridge

Segment 4 – Sheffield & Saint Giles

Segment 5 – Tall Oaks, Brandermill, Fortunes Ridge


Phase I – Repair What You Have and Make It Safe to Walk On

Priority A – areas needing IMMEDIATE attention.

Priority B – areas needing attention within a year or two.

Priority C – areas needing attention in 3-5 years.


We conducted an inspection in late 2017 and created a list of locations that fit the Priority A guidelines. Consequently, Criterium-Giles Engineers in Raleigh was retained to create construction specifications for these repairs and to prepare a Request For Proposal (RFP).


As a result, two (2) bids were accepted, one for replacing the culverts and one to replace the paving at the repair areas.  The work was performed in early 2020 and is complete.


Phase II – Repair Priority B areas and Fix the long-standing Drainage Problems

We have known all along that there are major issues with stormwater running over the trails and running along the sides of the trails. This water flow washes out the sub-base and damages the edges of the pavement (it crumbles). In many of these places, we have repeatedly repaired the paving over the years but have not address the underlying cause. We need to stop this never ending cycle and get our trail in great condition and keep it there.

The inspections have started once again in November 2020.

Conrad Carter

12 Dorset Place

Committee Leader